What is Upper Cervical?

What is Upper Cervical Specialized Chiropractic Care? Upper cervical refers to the top two bones in your neck. The upper cervical spine is located at the junction of the head and neck. In particular, the area of interest is the top two bones in the neck, known as C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis). These two vertebrae are the most significant in the spinal column for a host of reasons. In particular, this is the only location throughout the entire spine […]

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Our Difference

A Different Technique for Amazing Results. See why upper cervical is different and why it works when everything else might fail… UC chiropractic is unique and specialized, unlike any other back care or chiropractic treatment available. By the time people contact us, they feel they have usually tried everything else – and sometimes it’s been years with little to no results. Upper cervical refers to the two bones at the top of the neck. When these bones are misaligned, it […]

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Conditions We Help

From chronic back pain to migraines to conditions like TMJ and whiplash, see what upper cervical can help… Upper cervical care has a proven track record of helping improve a variety of health challenges. Acid reflux Back Pain Chronic pain Depression Dizziness (vertigo) Ear infections Headaches & Migraines Neck pain Numbness & tingling Sciatica Shoulder pain TMJ dysfunction Whiplash

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Featured Testimonials

“Past chiropractors did not focus on my upper cervical spine, which was the root of my issues, nor did they pay attention to my overall health, resulting in the need for continuous adjustments in the rest of my spine. Additionally, in some cases the adjustments from past chiropractors were harsh and painful. Dr. Trader is very different than any chiropractor I have seen in the past. She is thorough, precise, knowledgeable, and genuinely working to help me with my health issues. Each visit includes an exam and her adjustments are focused, precise and as minimal as possible to achieve results. Dr. Trader’s goal is to help me keep my spinal alignment and to have fewer, less frequent adjustments over time.”
–Heather T
“I have, since a teen, had pain in my neck and upper shoulders…I’ve had migraines for the past 25 years. With Dr. Kim’s care, my migraines are now few and far between and much less severe. If there are other aches and pains, given a short time after the adjustment the pains reside and life is so much freer and more enjoyable. I most definitely recommend her as a kind and honest doctor, who truly wants to help us be pain-free and live life to the fullest.”
–Julie L

Peek inside the Yellow Wood Upper Cervical Chiropractic Clinic!

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Upper cervical chiropractic care is a natural, gentle, scientifically proven method to renewing health and restoring vitality...no cracking, popping or twisting involved.

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Natural health care and lifestyle changes can help you overcome these painful symptoms without the reliance on drugs or surgery. Learn more about the causes and cures of neck pain, headaches and migraines with a safe, effective and natural approach.


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