Our Difference

A Different Technique for Amazing Results.

See why upper cervical is different and why it works when everything else might fail…

UC chiropractic is unique and specialized, unlike any other back care or chiropractic treatment available.

By the time people contact us, they feel they have usually tried everything else – and sometimes it’s been years with little to no results.

Upper cervical refers to the two bones at the top of the neck. When these bones are misaligned, it can have devastating health effects. By correcting the head/neck malposition and subsequently removing nerve interference, the body is able to improve overall function. Upper cervical chiropractic care renews health and restores vitality.

Upper cervical is different because it is:

Gentle: some patients are amazed at how gently the adjustments are performed.

Natural: no harmful drugs or painkillers are involved.

Scientifically proven: recorrecting the body imbalance using upper cervical chiropractic care has been proven to relax muscles, increase oxygen and blood circulation and enhance the immune system, to allow the body to immediately begin its natural self-healing process.

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