Objective Instrumentation

Paraspinal Digital Infrared Thermography

Digital infrared thermography is a diagnostic technique that uses a small, hand-held device to measure and compare paraspinal skin temperature for signs of nervous system dysfunction. The device, which is a safe, painless, and noninvasive instrument, measures the heat emitted from the surface of the skin—much like a thermometer measures body temperature. In a healthy person, the skin temperature should be about the same on both sides of the spine. A misalignment or subluxation of the spine will be evidenced by unequal temperatures on one or the other side of the spine.

Thermographic analysis indicating a healthy, normal nervous system free of interference.

Thermographic analysis indicating nervous system dysfunction and interference.

Color indices give a visual indication of the conditions severity, with red being the most severe. As the upper cervical doctor moves this specialized imaging device along the cervical spine, skin temperatures on both sides of the spine are recorded. The doctor then compares the projected image against normal values—ideally, a straight line with equal colors and bars per side—to determine whether nervous system irritation exists, and, therefore, whether vertebral subluxation (misalignment) is present. When irritation to the nervous system is present a consistent and reproducible infrared pattern results. For this reason we utilize thermographic scans both before and after an upper cervical adjustment. Thermography is an objective analysis of when nervous system dysfunction is present; therefore, providing evidence of whether or not the patient needs an adjustment.  After an adjustment, the scan allows the patient to see firsthand the reduction or elimination of the irritation.




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