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Congratulations on your investigation into Yellow Wood and upper cervical specific chiropractic! We are thrilled you are making the decision to travel down the road towards better health.

Your initial visit will entail a brief consultation with associated health history as well as a chiropractic exam to include posture analysis, digital infrared thermographic instrumentation, orthopedic and neurological evaluations. If yours is determined a chiropractic case and the doctor believes you will benefit from chiropractic care, precision digital x-rays will be taken. After thorough investigation of the collected information, the doctor will design an approach specifically for you and your current situation.

On your second visit, the doctor will share exam and radiograph findings followed by your first specific upper cervical correction. To further the benefit of the precise adjustment, you will enjoy a quiet, relaxing rest period in our restoration suite. Resting in a recumbent position allows the body to accommodate to the adjustment and begin the healing process.

And now you can proudly boast, like our many other practice members, of your sustainable results. Better results with fewer visits? Yes, that is exactly what we strive to achieve. Because we have your health in mind.


Upper cervical chiropractic care is a natural, gentle, scientifically proven method to renewing health and restoring vitality...no cracking, popping or twisting involved.

Schedule your complimentary consultation today and discover your path to pain-free living!


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Although neck pain, headaches and migraines are common, they are not normal. Natural health care and simple lifestyle changes can help you overcome this pain without surgery. Learn more about the causes and cures of neck pain, headaches and migraines at Choose Natural.


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